Monkey Puzzle #8


Reading Monkey Puzzle gives light to the resurgence of poetic inspiration and ingenuity, which seems to have died on the silent lips of lesser mortals. Here is truth. Here is love. Here is life.


Monkey Puzzle #8 features the following works of prose:

excerpt from Visions of Neal by John Allen Cassady
excerpt from Searching for Suzi by Nancy Stohlman
A Real Sweet Thing
by Shane Joaquin Jimenez
Snow Globes Are the Bane of Our Existence
by Leah Rogin-Roper
Hills Like Golden Arches
by Dale Bridges
excerpt from The Whole to The Parts by Paige Doughty
Z-Eros by Paul A. Toth
So, this is the beginning...
by Lily Scarborough Heehs
Slowly Ringing Bells
by Ian Washburn
War Wounds
by Stan Flukinger
Getting Published
by Allan Richard Shapiro
Van Gogh
by Lori Heflin


and the following works of poetry:

Theosophy by Tim Skeen
4/4/09 by Irene Joyce
8th Week by Violet Monday
11:11 Didn't Work by Jonathan Montgomery
black transistor series by Michael Bernstein
Classifications of Space-time Intervals, Where: c is is the speed of light/loss, love &/or the missing by LaVonne Natasha Caesar
The Coda by Naomi Lore
Coffee Shop Poetry by Carlos Ponce-Melendez
Danchel by Mark Lamoruex
Espresso by Naomi Lore
extermination of boredom by Aimee Herman
Graffiti on Mission Street by Gerard Morel
I Hope You Got a Copy of the Memo, Louise by Barbara Price
Impasse by William Benton
Isaac Newton's Sister by Karen Douglass
Island Theory by Andrew McEwan
Jazz Toad by Carolyn Zaikowski
Letter Redacted by Adrienne Dodt
Musical Score for Desire by Megan Burns
My Dishy Canadian Cousin by Corey Mesler
No Apologies by Olatundji Akpo-Sani
Pacific by Dennis Caswell
A Phone Booth in Boylston by William Doreski
A Photograph of Rilke by Barry Spacks
Photographs by Leticia Luna
Possession by Jessey Nickells
Sanctuary by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta
Sea Blanket by Leticia Luna
Side Effects May Include by Howie Good
Something Comforting There Is by Matt Dennison
Speaking of Tehran on a Train by Jasmine Marshall Armstrong
Standing Naked by Olatundji Akpo-Sani
This is Not about Performing Anal by Get In the Car, Helen
Tipsy Love Song to Charlie Parker by Emily Owens
To a God Undiscovered by Diane Klammer
Walloon at Walgreens by Lois Leveen

with photography by:

Alexandra Parsons
Cecilia Kunstadter
Jennifer Hamilton
Lily Scarborough Heehs
Michael Filimowicz
Nate Jordon
Peter Schwartz
Philip Meersman
Stacy Walsh

and artwork by:

Alex Nodopaka


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Product Details
Paperback: 121 pages
Published: November 2009
ISBN-10: 0-9801650-8-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9801650-8-1



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