The Odor of the Hoax Was Gone

by Ella Longpre


With the delicacy and precision of a creative archeologist, Ella Longpre excavates the near illegible language of a lost notebook. Her discoveries will drive a ship through your chest and demonstrate the powerful and eerie impact of white space. The Odor of the Hoax Was Gone is a full sensory experience.


Here's what's being said about The Odor of the Hoax Was Gone:

"Delicate, careful, and profound, The Odor of the Hoax Was Gone questions the meaning of meaning, and answers to the power of absence and inference in the compelling completion of a notebook lost but not forgotten."

— Emily Toder, author of Science and Brushes With


"The Odor of the Hoax Was Gone is simultaneously a found object and a work in translation. The retrieved notebook, unreturnable, pages held up to lights natural and artificial, its shapes scanned, sorted. The words on these pages read like the haunted jottings of a lost mystic in the hands of an empathetic scholar. Each page a vibrating field, a doorstep. Longpre is a clear-eyed listener who recognizes long lost breath in frozen or broken ideas. Where there is the private scramble and unintelligible scrawls, she has deciphered exquisite dream-logic, ‘She held a breeze in her torso’ and ‘Don't hurt the light in here.’ Should we ever lose our language, our visions, our humanity, let us take comfort in the fact there are writers like Ella Longpre to find us."

— Ben Hersey, performance artist and author of This Is What We're Up Against


"Dear Reader, is this notebook yours?"

— Ella Longpre


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Product Details
Chapbook: 46 pages / Poetry
Published: April 2013
ISBN-10: 0-9886077-2-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9886077-2-9