Interior Life

by Katharyn Grant


Filled with moments of intense transformation, Interior Life explores that part of life which exists between words, exposing a lush and sometimes contradictory world.


Here's what's being said about Interior Life:

“As Katharyn Grant knows, and demonstrates so delicately in these poems, the interior life is only accessible through appearances, which are treacherous. But most treacherous of all is the fact that sometimes things are what they seem: ‘She is buried behind the Conoco station / small life lingers so quiet.’ This is a small book full of large gestures, both visual and verbal—and it seems appropriate that it uses color so frighteningly: ‘Swimming in mid air / streaks of purple in cyclone weather.’”

— Bin Ramke, author of Theory of Mind: New and Selected Poems



“Very striking imagery and rich language.”

— Orange Coast Review


“Vivid language explodes images that will stay with you, accompanied by the writer’s own gorgeous photographs and paintings.”

— Kona Morris, Co-Founder and Editor of Fast Forward Press


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Product Details
Chapbook: 44 pages / Poetry
Published: October 2012
ISBN-10: 0-9886077-3-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-986077-3-6